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Rocks, Radio and Radar
The Extraordinary Scientific, Social and Military Life of Elizabeth Alexander
by Mary Harris

"Elizabeth worked her entire life which was unusual for a mother at that time. She died when she was only 50 of an aneurism. Elizabeth disappeared from history: Why is analysed in Mary Harris¡¯s book, but it was all about being a woman scientist in an era when women were expected to stay at home."

Sandra Coney
Author of 'On the Radar: The Story of Piha's World War 2 radar station'
Optical Spectroscopy
Fundamentals and Advanced Applications
by Emil Roduner, Tjaart Kr¨¹ger, Patricia Forbes & Katharina Kress

"The monograph is a very broad and useful collection of information and can be recommended both to the beginner in optical spectroscopy and the advanced specialised user."

Prof Dr Heinz Langhals
LMU University of Munich
Fireworks in a Dark Universe
by Amir Levinson

"A satisfying and highly accessible exposition of major topics in contemporary astrophysics. In the last decades a plethora of new discoveries have revolutionized our understanding of the universe. Amir Levinson succeeds in articulating the new picture of the cosmos that has emerged from observations across the entire electromagnetic spectrum and beyond. Rigorously argued with clear excursions into the underlying physics, well illustrated, and lusciously entertaining, this new book will be profitably read by students and professionals looking for a unifying view of the most extreme aspects of the universe."

Prof Gustavo E Romero
University of La Plata, Argentina
Blockchain Economics: Implications of Distributed Ledgers
Markets, Communications Networks, and Algorithmic Reality
edited by Melanie Swan, Jason Potts, Soichiro Takagi, Frank Witte & Paolo Tasca

"I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in the multi- and interdisciplinary approaches to blockchain economics. These international scholars and practitioners have adopted new approaches to analyze blockchain based on economic principles spanning across the biological, chemical and physical fundamentals. Ideas associated with natural sciences were deplored to look at implications of distributed ledgers, breaking away from traditional views, and giving the readers a fresh perspective to many previously unresolved issues."

David Kuo Chuen Lee
Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore
Adventures in Quantumland
Exploring Our Unseen Reality
by Ruth E Kastner

"I greatly enjoyed Ruth Kastner's book ... a good, readable exposition of a model which not only removes the mystery from quantum mechanics but offers an explanation of the underlying way quantum effects produce the structure of spacetime and give us the impression of an arrow of time, while allowing us genuine free will. As the author puts it, Spacetime is the smile on the Cheshire Cat; the Cat is quantum physics."

John Gribbin
author of In Search of Schrödinger's Cat
Metals and Energy Finance
Application of Quantitative Finance Techniques to the Evaluation of Minerals, Coal and Petroleum Projects
2nd Edition
by Dennis L Buchanan & Mark H A Davis

"The author, an excellent presenter, has put down an updated summary of his teachings in this textbook, findings based on his broad experience. A useful input to the understanding of the evaluation of resource finance."

Mineral Economics
Application-Driven Quantum and Statistical Physics
A Short Course for Future Scientists and Engineers
Volume 2: Equilibrium
by Jean-Michel Gillet

"Gillet's book strikes a refreshing balance of the depth and rigor of exposition and the review of the prerequisites, all contextualized pleasantly within the history of quantum mechanics. From the basics and up to the generalized Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulation of quantum mechanics, the book is punctuated with extremely well-chosen examples. Theory is amplified with applications from fossil cosmic background radiation to the technology of laser printers and up to quantum cryptopgraphy. Conceptual understanding is at the center of Gillet's solved examples; a truly unique feature of this book. Gillet invites students and their instructor to ¡®think' and appreciate the beauty and the practical aspects of quantum mechanics. Well done!"

Chérif F Matta
Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Canada
Periods and Special Functions in Transcendence
by Paula Tretkoff

"The book is mainly addressed to the non-expert reader, in that it assumes only a little background in complex analysis and algebraic geometry, but no previous knowledge in transcendental number theory is required. The technical language is introduced smoothly, and illustrative examples are provided where appropriate ... The book is carefully written, and the relevant literature is provided in the list of references."

Mathematical Reviews Clippings
From the Big Bang to the Present Day
by Claire Vallance

"The author does a nice job in explaining complex theory and experiments, clearly explaining each theory or method, emphasizing an understanding of the fundamental principle and how it applies to astrophysics. This book is very accessible to many readers but is primarily focused on graduate or advanced undergraduate students in chemistry or astrochemistry or for someone interested in learning more about astrochemistry in general and theories on how the Earth was formed."

IEEE Electical Insulation Magazine
Beating the Odds
The Life and Times of E A Milne
by Meg Weston Smith

"The book is well written and provides not only a description of Milne's life but also of academic life in general during the first half of the 20th Century ¡­ I highly recommend the book (which contains more than enough references, to both primary and secondary sources, for those wanting to learn more about Milne's work and its influence), because it does everything else very well. I recommend the book to anyone interested in astronomy, academia, or their history, it was a very enjoyable read."

The Observatory Magazine
Globalisation of Variolation
The Overlooked Origins of Immunity for Smallpox in the 18th Century
by Alicia Grant

"Variolation, the deliberate inoculation of someone at risk of smallpox, was probably the first medically invasive preventive measure in the annals of public health. It was also the first such measure to be adopted worldwide. Its history is therefore more than a mere prelude to the better known technique of vaccination. It deserves full-scale study in its own right as a major phase in the history of immunization. In this wide-ranging and detailed monograph, Dr Alicia Grant brings new evidence to bear and traces the changing techniques of variolation in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as they were diffused across Eurasia and North America. Her book is the only thorough modern study known to me. It places the subject on a new footing and deserves a wide readership."

Professor Peregrine Horden
Royal Holloway, University of London
Selling Science
How to Use Business Skills to Win Support for Scientific Research
by Steven Judge & Richard Lucas

"This text serves as an educational tool merging good marketing practices with the promotion of STEM subjects and research. The book is applicable to global environments. A useful resource for aspiring and practicing researchers."

Fundamentals of Tribology
by Ramsey Gohar & Homer Rahnejat

"The book is certainly well written and beneficial to a reader or a student approaching the field of lubrication from the very beginning."

Prof Michele Ciavarella
Technical University Hamburg, Germany
Percolation Theory in Reservoir Engineering
by Peter R King & Mohsen Masihi

"Percolation Theory in Reservoir Engineering is a useful text for scientists and engineers working in academia, the oil industry and related fields. It is particularly valuable as a resource for reservoir geoscientists, enabling, through simple analytical expressions, the link between a geological model and expected recovery to be made. It is also suitable as a text for industry short-courses or graduate classes in petroleum geoscience and engineering. The approach of the book is pedagogic, allowing complex concepts in statistical physics to be applied easy by practicing engineers and geoscientists. The work is amply illustrated by examples and applications and is an invaluable resource for anyone who wishes to understand oilfield recovery."

Martin Blunt
Imperial College, London, UK
Understanding Voltammetry
3rd Edition
by Richard G Compton & Craig E Banks

"This is an excellent, insightful, cost-effective, and pedagogically structured book, written by a master and his apprentice for a wide audience of industrialists and academics (students and professors) in a range of disciplines such as chemistry, engineering, physics, ecology, et hoc genus omne."

The Scientist and the Forger
Insights into the Scientific Detection of Forgery in Paintings
by Jehane Ragai

"The book accomplishes its goal of explaining how science is utilized in the art world in a way that is easily accessible and digestible for both those in the art world and those unaffiliated with the art world. Jehane Ragai's wealth of experience and knowledge on the subject matter is quite evident throughout the text and I highly recommend this text for anyone interested in learning more about how science operates in the art world."

Taylor Berrena
The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, UK
Black TiO2 Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
edited by Xiaobo Chen & Yi Cui

"This book not only provides a fundamental technical background on black TiO2 and the synthesis of this material, it also covers state-of-the-art applications and will provide the reader with current information on property behavior and show the direction of the latest research for this interesting material for energy applications."

IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine
Percolation Theory in Reservoir Engineering
by Peter R King & Mohsen Masihi

"This is a highly valuable book for both researchers and practitioners of the field. It can also be used as the basis for a graduate course in petroleum engineering."

Professor Muhammad Sahimi
University of Southern California
Innovation Heroes
Understanding Customers as a Valuable Innovation Resource
by Fiona Schweitzer & Joe Tidd

"The book has an ideal mix for the reflective practitioner who seeks solutions and wants to understand them and for academics who strive to understand the phenomen within the real world. The book is based on rigor research and has a lot of nicely written practical examples and illustrations. I like the courage of the authors to combine this practical handbook style with well-profound research notes ¡ª it adds huge value for managers, innovators and scholars as well. The book is a must for all innovators who want to learn from the user of their products."

Prof Dr Oliver Gassmann
University of St Gallen
The Scale-up Manual
Handbook for Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Teams and Firms
by Uday Phadke & Shailendra Vyakarnam

"Over the past 20 years, I have seen entrepreneurs struggle with every aspect of innovation from ideation through company start up to subsequent leadership of maturing companies. The Scale-up Manual brings together a wealth of knowledge from different models that supports the entire commercialisation journey. The authors develop the tools and models described in Camels, Tigers & Unicorns and, through their case-study based approach, provide a pathway to convert theory into practice. The Scale-up Manual arrives at a time when governments across the globe are looking to innovation to fuel future economic growth. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, leading an established enterprise or responsible for innovation policy at the national or international level you will benefit from reading this book."

Dr Adrian Ibrahim
Head of Business Development and Technology Transfer
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Introduction to Number Theory
by Richard Michael Hill

"Probably its most significant distinguishing feature is that this book is more algebraically oriented than most undergraduate number theory texts."

MAA Reviews
Li-S Batteries
The Challenges, Chemistry, Materials and Future Perspectives
edited by Rezan Demir-Cakan

"This book provides an excellent review and analysis of the latest information on rechargeable Li-S battery research. With a clear and concise writing style and in-depth technical material , this book will appeal to undergraduates and graduates, researchers, chemists, material scientists, and physicists working in the field of energy storage, especially those with an interest in Li-S battery technology."

IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine
Laboratory Scientific Glassblowing
A Practical Training Method
by Paul Le Pinnet

"If you are interested in learning about glassblowing techniques for scientific glassware, then this book is an incredible opportunity to learn from a master glassblower. Much of this information is passed down in person, and to have it available in a book such as this is a very rare opportunity that you should not pass up."

IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine
Managing Innovation in Healthcare
by James Barlow

"This book takes us through these challenges using the latest research and helps us understand what innovation really means and why it is so complex. The book answers critical questions about the healthcare system, how to develop and commercialise health technologies, and how to implement and sustain innovation in healthcare organisations. For students participating in postgraduate courses on healthcare, or simply for those interested, the case studies provide the perfect opportunity to apply theories explained in the book and give valuable insight into effectively managing the innovation processes in healthcare."

Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham
Institute of Global Health Innovation
Imperial College London
Handbook of Forensic Genetics
Biodiversity and Heredity in Civil and Criminal Investigation
edited by Antonio Amorim & Bruce Budowle

"Every chapter is written by different authors and focuses on a specific issue, all of which are explained very clearly and in detail. As a result, the structure of the book makes it extremely handy when checking or looking up the particular information one is interested in. The book is especially useful for teaching and/or further learning since there is an extensive bibliography in each chapter. Putting all this information together is an absolutely remarkable accomplishment on the part of the editors since there are no other books that are as comprehensive in this branch of genetics. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I not only recommend it to forensic DNA experts in general but it is definitely a must-read for forensic DNA caseworkers as well."

Lourdes Prieto Solla
International Society for Forensic Genetics
The Scientist and the Forger
Probing a Turbulent Art World
2nd Edition
by Jehane Ragai

"This is a book that explores both chemistry and chicanery, the pleasures and pitfalls of collecting, and perhaps most interestingly, the psychology of lying, self-deception, and discovery... Whatever the reader's involvement or perspective on recent events and controversies, the stories recounted here so artfully, along with the scientific techniques explained with such clarity and care, together make for a terrific read."

Professor Robert Switzer
The American University in Cairo
A Friendly Approach to Functional Analysis
by Amol Sasane

"The book is unusual among functional analysis books in devoting a lot of space to the derivative. The ¡®friendly' aspect promised in the title is not explained, but there are three things I think would strike most students as friendly: the slow pace, the enormous number of examples, and complete solutions to all the exercises."

MAA Reviews
Active Control of Aircraft Cabin Noise
by Ignazio Dimino & Ferri Aliabadi

"The text is well written and supported by clear and useful illustrations. This would be a useful textbook for postgraduate or advanced undergraduate studies and would also make a good introductory text for engineers moving into the field. The literature survey and bibliography provide a useful starting point for further study."

The Aeronautical Journal
Applied Theoretical Organic Chemistry
edited by Dean J Tantillo

"The chapters are each interesting in their own way, the coverage of the field is superb, and so is the underlying expertise. This book will be very, very useful to the organic community as quantum and computational chemistry fulfil their promise of becoming true partners in exploring synthesis and mechanism in organic chemistry."

Roald Hoffmann
Cornell University
Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 1991
Engineering in Perspective
Lessons for a Successful Career
by Tony Ridley

"It is well referenced, with significant projects from his personal experience. Factually accurate, the stories reflect the ups and downs of the major projects environment. His thoughts on handling the tragedy of the King's Cross fire are remarkable, and his compassionate treatment of this work is likely to prove of interest to those outside the project management and engineering fields ... What resonates throughout the book is the coming together of countries, organisations and people. The ability to formulate and structure delivery teams that take on the holistic project life cycle — from project initiation and business case, through design, construction and effective handover, to fully using or operating a facility — is comprehensively covered."

J K Banyard
Chair Advisory Board at WISE CDT
The Imperial College Lectures in Petroleum Engineering
Volume 1: An Introduction to Petroleum Geoscience
by Michael Ala

"The book is clearly organized. Only important facts are addressed; the sequence of the chapters is logical, the text is well-written and therefore, very readable. In addition, the meaning of geoscientific terms is clearly explained. Definitions are provided in a glossary which is easy to use. It is an excellent tool, which will be of value and benefit to the global petroleum community. I am pleased to recommend it."

M L Bordenave
The Cyprus Bail-in
Policy Lessons from the Cyprus Economic Crisis
edited by Alexander Michaelides & Athanasios Orphanides

"It opens avenues for exploration for everyone interested to know in depth about the topic, both in a national and in an international context. It therefore achieves its main aim, to provide lessons and guidance about crisis management, risk prevention and recovery. Both economists and senior policymakers worldwide will benefit greatly from this book."

The Cyprus Review
Principles of Chinese Medicine
A Modern Interpretation
2nd Edition
by Hong Hai

"This book, by far, is one of the most useful and lucid sources for understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine. In my reading of Western sources on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I would have to rate this as an essential read. The author effectively bridges Eastern and Western medicine without either losing their essential identities and strengths. The author is extremely clear on the philosophies underlying the practice of TCM and how it relates to the biomedical science and suggests reasonable ways of testing TCM that go beyond simple conclusions drawn from random control designs and the pitfalls of scientism. Let me also be perfectly clear that this is not a 'cheer leading' book blindly accepting the wisdom of the sages past and is by no means a New Age reading: it's solid, balanced, insightful and respectful.

If I had one book to recommend for a first reading of those seeking to explore and understand TCM and its relationship to Western medicine, this would be the one. Frankly this is a brilliant book written by a brilliant author and should be required reading for students studying TCM."

Robert A Figleron
Entrepreneurship in Western Europe
A Contextual Perspective
by Léo-Paul Dana

"The content and purpose are presented very clearly in the Introduction. In addition, the author provides an overview account of the definitions of entrepreneurship as used over the course of time by different subject specialists, highlighting how the definition and understanding of what entrepreneurship is depends on one's cultural, ethnic and disciplinary backgrounds as well as changing over time. The combination of the author's writing style and clarity of expression, the use of examples and photographs, and the pan-European perspective, make this book appealing to a wide group of readers, including social scientists who study policy and social reform, human geographers, and business and marketing practitioners and scholars."

Int. J. of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Computer-Hardware Evaluation of Mathematical Functions
by Amos Omondi

"The intended audience for this book are graduate students in computer science, computer engineering, and electrical and electronic engineering. The mathematics is at the level of an advanced undergraduate, and the book could be used as an introduction for such a student. Once the reader is familiar with the basic ideas and approaches of the book, the individual chapters can be read nearly independently; this makes the book useful both as an introduction and as a reference."

Mathematical Reviews Clippings
Structural Geology and Rock Engineering
by John W Cosgrove & John A Hudson

"Written by two eminent authors, this book serves as an illustrated guide and explanations on the integration of key structural geology and rock engineering principles and techniques for students, teachers, researchers, engineers and constructors who are working on rock engineering in the fields of civil, mining, geological and construction engineering."

Prof. Resat Ulusay
Hacettepe University, Turkey
The Chemistry Department at Imperial College London
A History, 1845-2000
by Hannah Gay & William P Griffith

"There is a great deal to tell ... and that it is intended to be exhaustive. I will find it helpful in my own work as a specialist chemical historian."

ISIS Review
Anomaly! Collider Physics and the Quest for New Phenomena at Fermilab
by Tommaso Dorigo

"In spirit and form, Anomaly! reminds me of Gary Taubes' celebrated Nobel Dreams, but with more humour and explicit subjectivity. Anomaly! may also appeal to readers interested in the sociology of science or in the epistemological problem of how a scientific community finally settles on a single consensus..."

Electro-Catalysis at Chemically Modified Solid Surfaces
by Jacques Simonet

"Building on a deep appreciation of organic electrochemistry Professor Jacques Simonet turned his attention to generating entirely fascinating new classes of modified electrodes and electrode materials with scope for numerous applications. The results summarised in the book testify to Simonet's creativity and chemical insight using controlled electrochemistry to make diverse and unexpected materials ¡­ Holistically the book shows the power of electrochemistry in the hands of a synthetic visionary the results of which will have lasting impact."

Prof Richard Compton
Demystifying Computation
A Hands-On Introduction
by Apostolos Syropoulos

"The erudition of the author, and the extreme amount of work that must have gone into the annotated bibliographies and the overviews of extremely current developments in computing, are truly impressive. The work will be an admirable reference book for courses in computing and also an excellent source for general readers in public libraries. These individuals will gain a sound understanding of the fundamentals of computer science, current developments, and where these developments are likely to lead."

A Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief Models of Planet Formation
by Michael Mark Woolfson

"The author clearly and compellingly explains both theories. The calculations are accessible to the intermediate undergraduate level and above. This reviewer feels that Woolfson's work is an important contribution — even if one does not accept the author's central premise, the discussions are interesting and provocative."

Quantum States and Scattering in Semiconductor Nanostructures
by Camille Ndebeka-Bandou, Francesca Carosella & Gérald Bastard

"This book teaches how to solve many important problems analytically. 253 pages of well-structured text is complemented by 165 pages of more than 50 exercises. I recommend it to all who seek understanding and insight."

Prof Dieter Bimberg
Technical University of Berlin
Agroecological Practices for Sustainable Agriculture
Principles, Applications, and Making the Transition
edited by Alexander Wezel

"This book can be used as a guide for farmers, as a reference for teaching, and it can be useful for related government officers, non-government organizations and company leasers. Plenty of colour pictures, diagrams and tables makes it much easier for readers to understand the holistic view and relatively complex idea of agroecology."

Professor Luo Shiming
South China Agricultural University, China
Atmospheric Chemistry
From the Surface to the Stratosphere
by Grant Ritchie

"This book is one of those that is likely to be a useful addition to many bookshelves ¡­ colour figures throughout, greatly aids the clarity of the diagrams and the optimum positioning of colour pictures ¡­ Each chapter has a good selection of essay-type questions and numerical problems, both at the level likely to be encountered in undergraduate final examinations."

The Observatory Magazine
Analysis and Mathematical Physics
edited by Shaun Bullett, Tom Fearn & Frank Smith

"Overall this is a very nicely and uniformly written book ¡­ this book would be an excellent choice for a lecturer wishing to teach selected branches of mathematical physics to theoretically oriented geophysicists."

Pure and Applied Geophysics
From Bessel to Multi-Index Mittag-Leffler Functions
Enumerable Families, Series in them and Convergence
by Jordanka Paneva-Konovska

"This is a well-organised and well-written book that aims to show the power of special functions. This book contains a great deal of information and it is recommended to those interested in special functions."

Mathematical Reviews Clippings
Does Mathematical Study Develop Logical Thinking?
Testing the Theory of Formal Discipline
by Matthew Inglis & Nina Attridge

"After much detailed explanations and further examples the authors conclude clearly and with good explanations and examples. The appendices which follow lay out some of the tasks used and offer challenges to the reader as well. This is a fascinating book, and for those thinking deeply about the place of mathematics in our school curriculum, or those wondering about different aspects of our mathematical study, this would make an essential read."

Mathematical Gazette
Algal and Cyanobacteria Symbioses
edited by Martin Grube, Joseph Seckbach & Lucia Muggia

"This book is a high standard, valuable source of knowledge recommended for researchers, lecturers and students interested in the field of algal and cyanobacteria symbioses, plant-microbe or plant-animal interactions, with several excellent drawings, photos and micrographs."

Acta Botanica Hungarica
Evidence-Based Medicine
Best Practice or Restrictive Dogma
by Desmond J Sheridan

"The book will be interesting to those who are fans of EBM and wish to know more of its origins and its philosophical and other limitations. It will also be useful for opponents of EBM who are looking for support for their thinking. I could imagine each chapter being used as the basis for a seminar for students, residents, or fellows interested in a deep dive into the underlying basis of a paradigm that is now taken for granted."

Family Medicine
Plenty of Room for Biology at the Bottom
An Introduction to Bionanotechnology
2nd Edition
by Ehud Gazit & Anna Mitraki

"This interesting book reports all the knowledge necessary to understand the real meaning of bionanotechnology and the advancement we could have in a near future from the use of the nanostructures in the different fields of food, cosmetics, electronics and medicine. Depicting the diversity of the research areas impacted by the nano effect, the readers may find innovative ideas to go on with their own specific researches in which they are involved."

Journal of Applied Cosmetology
Computational Intelligence Applications in Smart Grids
Enabling Methodologies for Proactive and Self-Organizing Power Systems
edited by Ahmed F Zobaa & Alfredo Vaccaro

"This book provides an in-depth survey of the technology of SG control methodologies. Since it examines many of the current key issues associated with the deployment of large-scale SG, engineers, computer scientists, and educators working in SG technologies would all benefit from this book. Presenting many conceptual methodologies, it will inform the reader on the latest challenges and potential solutions for the future power grid."

IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine
Zhu Rongji and China's Economic Take-Off
by John Wong

"The author concludes that it was Zhu's pragmatic macroeconomic management that was responsible for China's economic takeoff into self-sustained growth. This is a valuable volume for students and researchers on Chinese economy. It sheds light on Zhu Rongji's logical, realistic, and unique handling of the Chinese economy during a crucial period."

Institute of Developing Economies
The Power of Computational Thinking
Games, Magic and Puzzles to Help You Become a Computational Thinker
by Paul Curzon & Peter W McOwan

"Overall, I believe that this book achieves its goals. It discusses a wide variety of problems from the perspective of computer scientists, and introduces the big ideas that underlie the mathematical way of thinking. I would certainly recommend it to a young person who has mathematical aptitude and needs insight into what computational thinking really means."

MAA Reviews
Understanding Our Unseen Reality
Solving Quantum Riddles
by Ruth E Kastner

"(This book) is a vitally important contribution. Prof Kastner has composed her work with clarity and precision, creating a journey into the quantum world that is engaging, lucid, and imminently accessible. A strength of the work is her ability to present very complex concepts embedded in high level mathematics with clarity and without presuming the reader's competency in the related mathematical languages and symbols."

Dr Jeffrey Ritter
University of Oxford and Johns Hopkins University
Indian Mathematics
Engaging with the World from Ancient to Modern Times
by George Gheverghese Joseph

"This is an accessible introduction to the history of Indian mathematics written in at a level appropriate for undergraduate mathematics students. The book is very useful. It is on my bookshelf as a primary reference for teaching the section on India in my course on the history of mathematics."

MAA Reviews
A Primer of Integrated Biometal Sciences
by Wolfgang Maret

"Metallomics is a fascinating small book, easy to read for everybody with a basic knowledge of chemistry and biology, which will undoubtedly stimulate at least some of the readers to explore the field more in depth."

Acta Crystallographica Section D
Asymptotic Issues for Some Partial Differential Equations
by Michel Marie Chipot

"The monograph is well written and organized and recommended to graduate students and researchers in applied mathematics or engineering."

Zentralblatt MATH
Handbook of Terrorism in the Asia-Pacific
edited by Rohan Gunaratna & Stefanie Kam

"Terrorism is a global threat, as this useful and timely Handbook reveals, showing that every country in the Asia-Pacific region faces some form of potentially violent political, ethnic and religious extremism. The Handbook is both comprehensive and authoritative, relying on the expertise of Asia's finest centre of terrorism research. It is invaluable — a country-by-country resource for business, government, journalism, and the concerned public — and will be the go-to reference for years to come."

Professor Mark Juergensmeyer
Author of Terror in the Mind of God: The Global Rise of Religious Violence
Goethe's "Exposure of Newton's Theory"
A Polemic on Newton's Theory of Light and Colour
by Michael Duck & Michael Petry

"Perhaps the example of Goethe's forays into science will stimulate some people to at least attempt to appreciate the cultural value of science and technology."

Contemporary Physics
China's One Belt One Road Initiative
by Tai Wei Lim, Henry Hing Lee Chan, Katherine Hui-Yi Tseng & Wen Xin Lim

"The book captures a comprehensive historical background to OBOR, with a careful documentation of voyages by Cheng Ho (1405 to 1433) from China across Asia toward Europe, to as far as North Africa. What is eminently clear is that the book makes a good starting point, especially from the historical beginnings as equally originating from China's point of view."

Associate Professor Linda Low
Singapore University of Social Sciences
How We See It and How We Use It
by Michael Mark Woolfson

"This slender work is packed with an enormous amount of information related to the science of colour. The best part of the material is the array of pictures and diagrams, many of which are in colour, that help to complement the text. The book has something for the physicist, chemist, biologist, engineer, and lay reader. Summing up: Highly recommended."

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