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This Month's Bestsellers
Handbook of Boron ScienceHandbook of Boron Science
With Applications in Organometallics, Catalysis, Materials and Medicine
(In 4 Volumes)
edited by Narayan S Hosmane & Robert Eagling
Science Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers of EnglishScience Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English

by Hilary Glasman-Deal
Exercise and Sports CardiologyExercise and Sports Cardiology
(In 3 Volumes)
edited by Paul D Thompson & Antonio B Fernandez
China's 19th Party CongressChina's 19th Party Congress
Start of a New Era
edited by Kerry Brown
Statistical Turbulence Modelling for Fluid Dynamics — DemystifiedStatistical Turbulence Modelling for Fluid Dynamics — Demystified
An Introductory Text for Graduate Engineering Students
by Michael Leschziner
Pyrolysis–Gas ChromatographyPyrolysis–Gas Chromatography
Mass Spectrometry of Polymeric Materials
by Peter Kusch
Fundamentals of TribologyFundamentals of Tribology

by Ramsey Gohar & Homer Rahnejat
Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and StorageNanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage

edited by Dunwei Wang & Guozhong Cao
Handbook of PI and PID Controller Tuning RulesHandbook of PI and PID Controller Tuning Rules

by Aidan O'Dwyer
Beam Dynamics in High Energy Particle AcceleratorsBeam Dynamics in High Energy Particle Accelerators

by Andrzej Wolski
Principles of Nuclear ChemistryPrinciples of Nuclear Chemistry

by Peter A C McPherson
Mechanics of Elastic SolidsMechanics of Elastic Solids

by David W A Rees
Naturally Animated ArchitectureNaturally Animated Architecture
Using the Movements of the Sun, Wind, and Rain to Bring Indoor Spaces and Sustainable Practices to Life
by Kevin Nute
Lithium-Ion BatteriesLithium-Ion Batteries
Solid-Electrolyte Interphase
edited by Perla B Balbuena & Yixuan Wang
Practical Railway EngineeringPractical Railway Engineering

by Clifford F Bonnett
The Scale-up ManualThe Scale-up Manual
Handbook for Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Teams and Firms
by Uday Phadke & Shailendra Vyakarnam
Data Science for Cyber-SecurityData Science for Cyber-Security

edited by Nick Heard, Niall Adams, Patrick Rubin-Delanchy & Melissa Turcotte
Patterns of the FuturePatterns of the Future
Understanding the Next Wave of Global Change
by Markku Wilenius, Foreword by: Tarja Halonen
Surgical ComplicationsSurgical Complications
Diagnosis and Treatment
edited by Nadey S Hakim & Vassilios E Papalois
Introduction to General Relativity and CosmologyIntroduction to General Relativity and Cosmology

by Christian G Böhmer

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