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Agroecological Practices for Sustainable Agriculture
Principles, Applications, and Making the Transition
edited by Alexander Wezel

"This book can be used as a guide for farmers, as a reference for teaching, and it can be useful for related government officers, non-government organizations and company leasers. Plenty of colour pictures, diagrams and tables makes it much easier for readers to understand the holistic view and relatively complex idea of agroecology."

Professor Luo Shiming
South China Agricultural University, China
Laboratory Scientific Glassblowing
A Practical Training Method
by Paul Le Pinnet

"The erudition of the author, and the extreme amount of work that must have gone into the annotated bibliographies and the overviews of extremely current developments in computing, are truly impressive. The work will be an admirable reference book for courses in computing and also an excellent source for general readers in public libraries. These individuals will gain a sound understanding of the fundamentals of computer science, current developments, and where these developments are likely to lead."

CHOICE connect
Atmospheric Chemistry
From the Surface to the Stratosphere
by Grant Ritchie

"This book is one of those that is likely to be a useful addition to many bookshelves ˇ­ colour figures throughout, greatly aids the clarity of the diagrams and the optimum positioning of colour pictures ˇ­ Each chapter has a good selection of essay-type questions and numerical problems, both at the level likely to be encountered in undergraduate final examinations."

The Observatory Magazine
Analysis and Mathematical Physics
edited by Shaun Bullett, Tom Fearn & Frank Smith

"Overall this is a very nicely and uniformly written book ˇ­ this book would be an excellent choice for a lecturer wishing to teach selected branches of mathematical physics to theoretically oriented geophysicists."

Pure and Applied Geophysics
From Bessel to Multi-Index Mittag-Leffler Functions
Enumerable Families, Series in them and Convergence
by Jordanka Paneva-Konovska

"This is a well-organised and well-written book that aims to show the power of special functions. This book contains a great deal of information and it is recommended to those interested in special functions."

Mathematical Reviews Clippings
Does Mathematical Study Develop Logical Thinking?
Testing the Theory of Formal Discipline
by Matthew Inglis & Nina Attridge

"After much detailed explanations and further examples the authors conclude clearly and with good explanations and examples. The appendices which follow lay out some of the tasks used and offer challenges to the reader as well. This is a fascinating book, and for those thinking deeply about the place of mathematics in our school curriculum, or those wondering about different aspects of our mathematical study, this would make an essential read."

Mathematical Gazette
Entrepreneurship in Western Europe
A Contextual Perspective
by Léo-Paul Dana

"This book is ideal for an undergraduate classroom as an introduction to western European entrepreneurship. However, it would also be valuable as a foundation for graduate study, for firms seeking to expand into western Europe, and for policymakers wishing to learn from the European example. The historical and cultural outlines, along with the captivating photography, also appeal to anyone interested in furthering their general knowledge of the region."

International Business Journal
Algal and Cyanobacteria Symbioses
edited by Martin Grube, Joseph Seckbach & Lucia Muggia

"This book is a high standard, valuable source of knowledge recommended for researchers, lecturers and students interested in the field of algal and cyanobacteria symbioses, plant-microbe or plant-animal interactions, with several excellent drawings, photos and micrographs."

Acta Botanica Hungarica
Evidence-Based Medicine
Best Practice or Restrictive Dogma
by Desmond J Sheridan

"The book will be interesting to those who are fans of EBM and wish to know more of its origins and its philosophical and other limitations. It will also be useful for opponents of EBM who are looking for support for their thinking. I could imagine each chapter being used as the basis for a seminar for students, residents, or fellows interested in a deep dive into the underlying basis of a paradigm that is now taken for granted."

Family Medicine
Plenty of Room for Biology at the Bottom
An Introduction to Bionanotechnology
2nd Edition
by Ehud Gazit & Anna Mitraki

"This interesting book reports all the knowledge necessary to understand the real meaning of bionanotechnology and the advancement we could have in a near future from the use of the nanostructures in the different fields of food, cosmetics, electronics and medicine. Depicting the diversity of the research areas impacted by the nano effect, the readers may find innovative ideas to go on with their own specific researches in which they are involved."

Journal of Applied Cosmetology
Computational Intelligence Applications in Smart Grids
Enabling Methodologies for Proactive and Self-Organizing Power Systems
edited by Ahmed F Zobaa & Alfredo Vaccaro

"This book provides an in-depth survey of the technology of SG control methodologies. Since it examines many of the current key issues associated with the deployment of large-scale SG, engineers, computer scientists, and educators working in SG technologies would all benefit from this book. Presenting many conceptual methodologies, it will inform the reader on the latest challenges and potential solutions for the future power grid."

IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine
Engineering in Perspective
Lessons for a Successful Career
by Tony Ridley

"Tony Ridley is one of our most experienced and distinguished civil engineers. His book is an intriguing hybrid between an autobiography and a text on lessons to be learned if large projects are to be delivered successfully. His extraordinarily broad career makes him well-placed to offer these lessons: each drawn from personal experience of the events he recounts. The book has an Epilogue summarising Tony Ridley's message on the role of engineers. Educators, employers and aspiring civil engineers should read this book, and take notice."

Stephen Glaister
Professor Emeritus of Transport and Infrastructure
Imperial College, London
Zhu Rongji and China's Economic Take-Off
by John Wong

"The author concludes that it was Zhu's pragmatic macroeconomic management that was responsible for China's economic takeoff into self-sustained growth. This is a valuable volume for students and researchers on Chinese economy. It sheds light on Zhu Rongji's logical, realistic, and unique handling of the Chinese economy during a crucial period."

Institute of Developing Economies
The Power of Computational Thinking
Games, Magic and Puzzles to Help You Become a Computational Thinker
by Paul Curzon & Peter W McOwan

"Overall, I believe that this book achieves its goals. It discusses a wide variety of problems from the perspective of computer scientists, and introduces the big ideas that underlie the mathematical way of thinking. I would certainly recommend it to a young person who has mathematical aptitude and needs insight into what computational thinking really means."

MAA Reviews
Understanding Our Unseen Reality
Solving Quantum Riddles
by Ruth E Kastner

"(This book) is a vitally important contribution. Prof Kastner has composed her work with clarity and precision, creating a journey into the quantum world that is engaging, lucid, and imminently accessible. A strength of the work is her ability to present very complex concepts embedded in high level mathematics with clarity and without presuming the reader's competency in the related mathematical languages and symbols."

Dr Jeffrey Ritter
University of Oxford and Johns Hopkins University
Indian Mathematics
Engaging with the World from Ancient to Modern Times
by George Gheverghese Joseph

"This is an accessible introduction to the history of Indian mathematics written in at a level appropriate for undergraduate mathematics students. The book is very useful. It is on my bookshelf as a primary reference for teaching the section on India in my course on the history of mathematics."

MAA Reviews
A Primer of Integrated Biometal Sciences
by Wolfgang Maret

"Metallomics is a fascinating small book, easy to read for everybody with a basic knowledge of chemistry and biology, which will undoubtedly stimulate at least some of the readers to explore the field more in depth."

Acta Crystallographica Section D
Asymptotic Issues for Some Partial Differential Equations
by Michel Marie Chipot

"The monograph is well written and organized and recommended to graduate students and researchers in applied mathematics or engineering."

Zentralblatt MATH
Handbook of Terrorism in the Asia-Pacific
edited by Rohan Gunaratna & Stefanie Kam

"Terrorism is a global threat, as this useful and timely Handbook reveals, showing that every country in the Asia-Pacific region faces some form of potentially violent political, ethnic and religious extremism. The Handbook is both comprehensive and authoritative, relying on the expertise of Asia's finest centre of terrorism research. It is invaluable — a country-by-country resource for business, government, journalism, and the concerned public — and will be the go-to reference for years to come."

Professor Mark Juergensmeyer
Author of Terror in the Mind of God: The Global Rise of Religious Violence
Goethe's "Exposure of Newton's Theory"
A Polemic on Newton's Theory of Light and Colour
by Michael Duck & Michael Petry

"Perhaps the example of Goethe's forays into science will stimulate some people to at least attempt to appreciate the cultural value of science and technology."

Contemporary Physics
China's One Belt One Road Initiative
by Tai Wei Lim, Henry Hing Lee Chan, Katherine Hui-Yi Tseng & Wen Xin Lim

"The book captures a comprehensive historical background to OBOR, with a careful documentation of voyages by Cheng Ho (1405 to 1433) from China across Asia toward Europe, to as far as North Africa. What is eminently clear is that the book makes a good starting point, especially from the historical beginnings as equally originating from China's point of view."

Associate Professor Linda Low
Singapore University of Social Sciences
How We See It and How We Use It
by Michael Mark Woolfson

"This slender work is packed with an enormous amount of information related to the science of colour. The best part of the material is the array of pictures and diagrams, many of which are in colour, that help to complement the text. The book has something for the physicist, chemist, biologist, engineer, and lay reader. Summing up: Highly recommended."

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Introduction to Heterogeneous Catalysis
by Roel Prins, Anjie Wang & Xiang Li

"I would definitely recommend this book to students who have newly been introduced to the heterogeneous catalyst applications in industry. It also serves as an academic resource for experienced scientists and engineers to have a better understanding of the current trend in heterogeneous catalysis. This will help the professionals to think out of the box and think ahead."

Hong Nie
Vice President
VResearch Institute of Petroleum Processing, SINOPEC
Anomaly! Collider Physics and the Quest for New Phenomena at Fermilab
by Tommaso Dorigo

"Anomaly!' provides a very honest description of how large HEP collaborations work, what makes experimental physicists excited, and of the occasional interference between scientific goals and ˇ°human factorsˇ± such as personal ambitions, career issues, personality clashes, the fear of being scooped. The author proves to be a highly skilled communicator of science to the general public, as already known to the readers of his blog 'Quantum Diaries Survivor'."

Il Nuovo Saggiatore
Paradigms of Peace
A Pragmatist Introduction to the Contribution to Peace of Paradigms of Social Science
by Timo Kivimäki

"Paradigms of Peace is a compelling read, grounded in practice and experience-based insight as well as epistemological inquiry. Concluding thoughts point to the usefulness of different theoretical strands in the creation of tools for peacemaking, while offering observations on global security communities in flux. This is a timely contribution for taking stock of the field and reflecting on individual research pursits."

Journal of Peace Research
The Anthropology of China
China as Ethnographic and Theoretical Critique
by Charlotte Bruckermann & Stephan Feuchtwang

"The Anthropology of China is packed with useful references and valuable insights. It is an informative volume offering students, teachers and general readers not only a unique perspective on China, but also on the study of China."

LSE Book Reviews
Camels, Tigers & Unicorns
Rethinking Science and Technology-Enabled Innovation
by Uday Phadke & Shailendra Vyakarnam

"This remarkable book provides a blueprint for developing an effective Industrial Strategy. I commend this book to both business leaders and government ministers in the hope that by using these findings, they will come together to articulate policies which will accelerate economic growth."

Professor David Hughes
Managing Director of the Business Innovation Group
and visiting Professor of Engineering Management City University, London
Metals and Energy Finance
Advanced Textbook on the Evaluation of Mineral and Energy Projects
by Dennis L Buchanan

"The author, an excellent presenter, has put down an updated summary of his teachings in this textbook, findings based on his broad experience. A useful input to the understanding of the evaluation of resource finance."

Mineral Economics
Biological Threats in the 21st Century
The Politics, People, Science and Historical Roots
edited by Filippa Lentzos

"The book has an interesting structure. Formal chapters are interspersed with opinion pieces from academics and scientists, many of whom have worked on state bioweapons and biodefence programmes, and in drafting non-proliferation policy. Their thoughts provide unique personal perspectives on issues usually discussed from an academic distance and are the most valuable contribution the book makes to the bioweapons literature."

The RUSI Journal
The Recovery of Gold from Secondary Sources
edited by Syed Sabir

"This book is apparently for experts in the detection of forgeries and those who might need this expertise. It provides a wealth of ideas and stimuli for the artist himself/herself."

Brian Reffin Smith
Collège de 'Pataphysique, Paris
Simulation-Driven Aerodynamic Design Using Variable-Fidelity Models
by Leifur Leifsson & Slawomir Koziel

"The text is concise, clearly written and systematically organised. It contains the equations and formulae needed to solve practical problems. The text is amply illustrated. The book is well-presented and should appeal to a wider audience interested in computational optimisation design. It explains the major concepts, gives enough depth and provides references for further studies."

The Aeronautical Journal
Modern Developments in Catalysis
edited by Graham Hutchings, Matthew Davidson, Richard Catlow, Christopher Hardacre, Nicholas Turner & Paul Collier

"The book has been written at the level of chemistry and chemical engineering graduate students. It provides a very accessable and useful guide to those who are interested in current state of the art and applications of catalytic science."

Professor Rutger A van Santen
Eindhoven University of Technology
Edward Teller Lectures
Lasers and Inertial Fusion Energy
2nd Edition
edited by Heinrich Hora & George H Miley

"The 2nd Edition gives an overview of inertial confinement research over 50 years presented by major participants. It provides an authoritative account of the inertial confinement fusion approach to achieving an environmentally clean and economically feasible option for future energy production."

Dr Fred Osman
Trinity Grammar School, Sydney
Introduction to Heterogeneous Catalysis
by Roel Prins, Anjie Wang & Xiang Li

"Heterogeneous catalysis is highly related to the industrial production of fuels, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, and fine chemicals. This book highlights the fundamental aspects and basic concepts of heterogeneous catalysis with many examples of industrial applications, providing a complete introduction to the principles behind catalysis. This book is well designed to provide supplementary knowledge for both the students in chemical engineering, who have often only a limited knowledge of chemistry, and those in chemistry and physics, who have not studied systematically the engineering-oriented courses. The representative types of catalysis and industrial examples are carefully selected to enable the readers to grasp the essence of heterogeneous catalysis and the importance of related engineering."

Distinguished Professor Feng-Shou Xiao
Zhejiang Univeristy, China
Civil Society and the State of Singapore
edited by Carol Soon & Gillian Koh

"This collection of essays offers a good update on the evolving nature of Singapore's civil society. Written by civil society observers and activists, these essays tackle a range of issues from the arts, ethnic self-help groups, youth activism to the legal landscape. A useful introduction to the complexities of state-society relations in Singapore."

Terence Chong
Senior Fellow, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, Singapore
Renewable Energy Finance
Powering the Future
edited by Charles W Donovan

"The entire text is quite readable and can be moved through with relative ease. This reviewer heartily recommends that, regardless of your background, you read this book to really get a grasp of the cutting-edge of climate finance."

LSE Review of Books
Investigating the Pedagogy of Mathematics
How Do Teachers Develop Their Knowledge?
by Lianghuo Fan

"I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this work. It comes highly recommended for all the reasons stated and the many more that readers would find in learning about particular cases and incidences recorded. A great contribution to the mathematics teacher education scholarship."

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