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This Month's Bestsellers
Exercise and Sports CardiologyExercise and Sports Cardiology
(In 3 Volumes)Volume 1: Cardiac Adaptations and Environmental Stress During ExerciseVolume 2: Specific Diseases and AthletesVolume 3: Exercise Risks, Cardiac Arrhythmias and Unusual Problems in Athletes
edited by Paul D Thompson & Antonio B Fernandez
Stock Markets and Corporate FinanceStock Markets and Corporate Finance
by Michael Dempsey
Science Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers of EnglishScience Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English
by Hilary Glasman-Deal
What Every Postdoc Needs to KnowWhat Every Postdoc Needs to Know
by Liz Elvidge, Carol Spencely & Emma Williams
The Physics of Solar CellsThe Physics of Solar Cells
by Jenny Nelson
Applied Theoretical Organic ChemistryApplied Theoretical Organic Chemistry
edited by Dean J Tantillo
Camels, Tigers & UnicornsCamels, Tigers & Unicorns
Rethinking Science & Technology-Enabled Innovation
by Uday Phadke & Shailendra Vyakarnam
The Rise of MegacitiesThe Rise of Megacities
Challenges, Opportunities and Unique Characteristics
edited by Jerzy Kleer & Katarzyna Anna Nawrot
Surgical TalkSurgical Talk
Lecture Notes in Undergraduate Surgery
by Andrew Goldberg & Gerard Stansby
The Role of Creativity in the Management of InnovationThe Role of Creativity in the Management of Innovation
State of the Art and Future Research Outlook
edited by Alexander Brem, Rogelio Puente-Diaz & Marine Agogué
Materials Concepts for Solar CellsMaterials Concepts for Solar Cells
by Thomas Dittrich
The Scientist and the ForgerThe Scientist and the Forger
Probing a Turbulent Art World
by Jehane Ragai
Promoting Innovation in New Ventures and Small- and Medium-Sized EnterprisesPromoting Innovation in New Ventures and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises
edited by Joe Tidd
Statistical Data ScienceStatistical Data Science
edited by Niall Adams & Edward Cohen
NMR Probeheads for Biophysical and Biomedical ExperimentsNMR Probeheads for Biophysical and Biomedical Experiments
Theoretical Principles and Practical Guidelines
by Joël Mispelter, Mihaela Lupu & André Briguet
Principles of Nuclear ChemistryPrinciples of Nuclear Chemistry
by Peter A C McPherson
Renewable Energy FinanceRenewable Energy Finance
Powering the Future
edited by Charles W Donovan
China's One Belt One Road InitiativeChina's One Belt One Road Initiative
by Tai Wei Lim, Henry Hing Lee Chan, Katherine Hui-Yi Tseng & Wen Xin Lim
Mathematics of Planet EarthMathematics of Planet Earth
A Primer
by Jochen Bröcker, Ben Calderhead, Davoud Cheraghi, Colin Cotter, Darryl Holm, Tobias Kuna, Beatrice Pelloni, Ted Shepherd & Hilary Weller, edited by Dan Crisan
Surgical ComplicationsSurgical Complications
Diagnosis and Treatment
edited by Nadey S Hakim & Vassilios E Papalois

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