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This Month's Bestsellers
Science Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers of EnglishScience Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English
by Hilary Glasman-Deal
Fundamentals of TribologyFundamentals of Tribology
by Ramsey Gohar & Homer Rahnejat
Exercise and Sports CardiologyExercise and Sports Cardiology
(In 3 Volumes)
edited by Paul D Thompson & Antonio B Fernandez
Strategy for a Networked WorldStrategy for a Networked World
by Rafael Ramírez & Ulf Mannervik
Nobel Prizes that Changed MedicineNobel Prizes that Changed Medicine
edited by Gilbert Thompson
Principles of Nuclear ChemistryPrinciples of Nuclear Chemistry
by Peter A C McPherson
Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and StorageNanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage
edited by Dunwei Wang & Guozhong Cao
The Imperial College Lectures in Petroleum EngineeringThe Imperial College Lectures in Petroleum Engineering
Volume 4: Drilling and Reservoir Appraisal
by Olivier Allain, Michael Dyson, Xudong Jing, Christopher Pentland, Marcel Polikar & Vural Sander Suicmez
Postgraduate Vascular SurgeryPostgraduate Vascular Surgery
A Candidate's Guide to the FRCS and Board Exams
edited by Vish Bhattacharya & Gerard Stansby
The Scientist and the ForgerThe Scientist and the Forger
Probing a Turbulent Art World
by Jehane Ragai
Essential Computing Skills for BiologistsEssential Computing Skills for Biologists
by Ziling Wang & Lishu Zhang
Understanding VoltammetryUnderstanding Voltammetry
by Richard G Compton & Craig E Banks
Women at Imperial CollegeWomen at Imperial College
Past, Present and Future
by Anne Barrett
Surgical TalkSurgical Talk
Lecture Notes in Undergraduate Surgery
by Andrew Goldberg & Gerard Stansby
Applied Theoretical Organic ChemistryApplied Theoretical Organic Chemistry
edited by Dean J Tantillo
Crowds in EquationsCrowds in Equations
An Introduction to the Microscopic Modeling of Crowds
by Bertrand Maury & Sylvain Faure
Manufacturing Operations ManagementManufacturing Operations Management
by Min-Jung Yoo & Rémy Glardon
Software-Assisted Method Development in High Performance Liquid ChromatographySoftware-Assisted Method Development in High Performance Liquid Chromatography
edited by Szabolcs Fekete & Imre Molnár
Basic Space Plasma PhysicsBasic Space Plasma Physics
by Wolfgang Baumjohann & Rudolf A Treumann
The Physics of Solar CellsThe Physics of Solar Cells
by Jenny Nelson

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