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This Month's Bestsellers
Science Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English
by Hilary Glasman-Deal
Beam Dynamics in High Energy Particle Accelerators
by Andrzej Wolski
Handbook of Climate Change and Agroecosystems
(In 2 Parts)
edited by Cynthia Rosenzweig & Daniel Hillel
Structural Geology and Rock Engineering
by John W Cosgrove & John A Hudson
A Core Curriculum
by Barbara Jane Bain
Genetic Privacy
An Evaluation of the Ethical and Legal Landscape
edited by Terry Sheung-Hung Kaan & Calvin Wai-Loon Ho
The Physics of Solar Cells
by Jenny Nelson
Lectures on Sl2(C)-Modules
by Volodymyr Mazorchuk
The Roots of Religious Extremism
Understanding the Salafi Doctrine of Al-Wala' wal Bara'
by Mohamed Bin Ali
Mechanics of Solids and Structures
2nd Edition
by David W A Rees
Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy in Trauma
An Evidence-based Approach
edited by Heleen van Aswegen & Brenda Morrow
Handbook of Intensive Care Organization and Management

edited by Andrew Webb
Strategy for a Networked World

by Rafael Ramʬrez & Ulf Mannervik
Catalysis by Ceria and Related Materials
2nd Edition
edited by Alessandro Trovarelli & Paolo Fornasiero
Women, Work and Welfare in the Middle East and North Africa
The Role of Socio-demographics, Entrepreneurship and Public Policies
edited by Nadereh Chamlou ^ Massoud Karshenas
Short Pulse Laser Interactions with Matter
An Introduction
by Paul Gibbon
Synthetic Biology — A Primer
Revised Edition
Contributions by Geoff Baldwin, Travis Bayer, Robert Dickinson, Tom Ellis, Paul S Freemont, Richard I Kitney, Karen Polizzi & Guy-Bart Stan
Renewable Energy Finance
Powering the Future
edited by Charles W Donovan
Proceedings of the Eighth Saudi Students Conference in the UK

edited by Neil Alford & Jean Fréchet
Biochemical Fundamentals and Applications
by Peter Grunwald
Notes on Statistics and Data Quality for Analytical Chemists

by Michael Thompson & Philip J Lowthian
Probability and Randomness
Quantum versus Classical
by Andrei Khrennikov
Analysis of Biological Systems

by Corrado Priami & Melissa J Morine
Materials Concepts for Solar Cells

by Thomas Dittrich
Beyond Peaceful Coexistence
The Emergence of Space, Time and Quantum
edited by Ignazio Licata & foreword by G 't Hooft
Lithium-Ion Batteries
Solid-Electrolyte Interphase
edited by Perla B Balbuena & Yixuan Wang
The Quantum World of Ultra-Cold Atoms and Light Book II: The Physics of Quantum-Optical Devices

by Crispin Gardiner & Peter Zoller
China's One Belt One Road Initiative
by Tai Wei Lim, Henry Hing Lee Chan, Katherine Hui-Yi Tseng & Wen Xin Lim
Bioanalytical Chemistry
2nd Edition
by Andreas Manz, Petra S Dittrich, Nicole Pamme & Dimitri Iossifidis
Sensor Signal Processing for Defence Applications
edited by Athanassios Manikas
Introduction to Stochastic Calculus with Applications
3rd Edition
by Fima C Klebaner
Computational Rheology
by R G Owens & T N Phillips
Enjoy Writing Your Science Thesis or Dissertation!
A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning and Writing a Thesis or Dissertation for Undergraduate and Graduate Science Students
2nd Edition
by Elizabeth Fisher & Richard Thompson
Practical Railway Engineering
2nd Edition
by Clifford F Bonnett
Fracture and Life
by Brian Cotterell
Classical Mechanics
5th Edition
by Tom W B Kibble & Frank H Berkshire
NMR Probeheads for Biophysical and Biomedical Experiments
Theoretical Principles and Practical Guidelines
2nd Edition
by Joël Mispelter, Mihaela Lupu & André Briguet
Energy Studies
Challenges and Opportunities
3rd Edition
by W Shepherd & D W Shepherd
Innovative Thermoelectric Materials
Polymer, Nanostructure and Composite Thermoelectrics
edited by Howard E Katz & Theodore O Poehler
Urban Climate Challenges in the Tropics
Rethinking Planning and Design Opportunities
edited by Rohinton Emmanuel
Materials Concepts for Solar Cells
by Thomas Dittrich
Handbook of Climate Change and Agroecosystems
Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation
edited by Daniel Hillel & Cynthia Rosenzweig
Technology Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation
Theory, Practice, Lessons Learned
edited by Phillip H Phan, Sarfraz A Mian & Wadid Lamine
Applied Mechanics with SolidWorks
by Godfrey Onwubolu
Surgical Talk
Lecture Notes in Undergraduate Surgery
3rd Edition
by Andrew Goldberg & Gerard Stansby
Introduction to the Calculus of Variations
3rd Edition
by Bernard Dacorogna
Handbook of Texture Analysis
edited by Majid Mirmehdi, Xianghua Xie & Jasjit Suri
Understanding Voltammetry
Problems and Solutions
by Richard G Compton, Christopher Batchelor-McAuley & Edmund J F Dickinson
Aberration-Corrected Imaging in Transmission Electron Microscopy
An Introduction
2nd Edition
by Rolf Erni
Polymer Tribology
edited by Sujeet K Sinha & Brian J Briscoe

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